Our Mission

The Mission of Connect International

To develop spiritual gifts and biblical worldview of leaders capable to respond adequately to the challenges of contemporary culture, to promote the spiritual formation of Christians, to help in solving the spiritual problems of people who are in difficult situations, to promote a focused and systematic evangelistic and charitable ministry.

The main means of meeting our mission:

1. The development of Christian leadership through training and counseling.

2. Teaching courses, thematic seminars, conferences, round tables. The development of this tool, service can be created integrated fixed and correspondence (distance) education programs.

3. Create radio and (or) television. Organization information site with current news, support resources and discussion forums. The publication of information the newspaper (newsletter).

4. Implementation of personal spiritual care (counseling).

5. Organization and coordination of the missionary (evangelistic and charitable) projects. The development of this tool may lead to the creation of special departments of the ministry.

6. Advising the churches and individual members of missionary projects for their effectiveness and transparency (the measurability of results and costs).

7. Participation in the spiritual and educational conferences of churches, church groups and Christian organizations.

8. Intercultural and international cooperation in order to more effectively fulfill the mission of service.

9. Analytical studies and reports on the development of the Slavic churches, missionary work, etc.