Welcome to our site!

Connect International was founded in April 2007 in Sacramento, USA. The main goal of our organization is to bring to light the theoretical and practical aspects of people’s relationship with God. Our basic means in reaching this goal is networking with individuals and organizations from different countries. We aim to partner with them in order to increase the potential and efficiency of ministry in the countries of CIS and among these countries’ emigrants in other parts of the world.

Within a short period of the mission’s existence several successful charitable and educational projects were launched, some with earlier founded ministries or organizations by cooperation either on the basis of their adaptation of our ministry structure, or in partnership with them. You can learn about this in detail in the projects, programs and conferences sections of this site. Connect International is open to cooperation and would like to review your projects and provide advice and organizational assistance. The organization cooperates with leaders who have appropriate training and extensive experience in ministry.

Work on the web site is continuing, and new resources are added. Therefore, we invite you to check out the site and hope that the materials posted here will be useful for your ministry and growth.