Children's School "Star"

Church "Incense", Lutsk, Ukraine
Evangelization project "Small School" "Star"

For nearly 2 years, our church is training children in the so-called Little School "asterisk". Why small? Because stars are learning from us, are still small. But we know that, despite the fact that they now no more, and 6-7 years, most importantly what will be incorporated into the souls of these children now. So we started serving the upbringing and education of small children.

A small school a few goals. First - to prepare children for learning in secondary school, namely:

1. Writing a knowledge base on general subjects
2. To develop creative skills
3. Raising spiritual values

The curriculum consists of several subjects: mathematics, native language, reading, English language, children's creativity, Christian ethics, as well as the subject, entitled "Know yourself and others." Twice a week (each time 3 hours) in children is a great opportunity to be interesting and enlightening to spend time, make friends with each other and get acquainted with the Christian principles of life.

The second objective of our ministry - helping parents. For them, held a meeting at which they, together with teachers of the school to discuss the principles of child rearing based on the Bible. Thus, our school is a place of learning spiritual values not only children but also their parents.

In the first year of school work we have studied a class of children, consisting of 13 persons. In the second year of school attended 2 classes of children, total - 24 children. It should be noted that only seven children's parents - Christians. The fact that this year the number of parents interested in school has doubled, indicates that our project raises the credibility of the church in society. People are open to the fact that the church is engaged in the formation of the younger generation. Many parents whose children have been trained in our school, regret that they can not continue to educate their children in a Christian environment ...

We believe that the parents of our students have desire to communicate more with Christian friends and attend church activities and worship. And we expect that the children themselves will continue to moral education in the church Sunday school after the end of a small school.

Our plan is to establish, with God's help, an elementary school, which eventually would become a full-fledged educational establishments.

Pray for us that the Lord through this ministry has led to a new life, many children and adults of the soul.