National Evangelical Authors

Connect International supports the publication of books that are part of the "National Gospel writers" project, a series of publications which is published jointly with Spiritual Revival Association. The series introduces new independent domestic authors - the leaders of ministries, theologians and pastors of churches from the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) countries. These books explore such topical subjects and issues such as  the identity of the evangelical church and its mission in the modern world. In the near future we are planning to publish a number of articles and speeches by prominent evangelical authors Igor Malin, Gennady dashing, Andrew Suzdaltseva.

We recently published two books. One of these books is Mikhail Cherenkov's monograph "The European Reformation and Ukrainian evangelical Protestantism." This book is interesting because it deals with the archetypal and modern concepts of the European Reformation, and particularly its manifestation in Ukrainian Evangelical Protestantism. The book highlights unique elements regarding how Ukrainian evangelical Protestantism formed its theology and social position, the main stages of Protestant societies and their socialization in the Ukrainian society and aslo the problems of the socio- theological identification at the present stage of development and transformation of evangelical Protestantism in Ukrainian society. Other issues relating to the above topics are discussed in the book as well.


More information about the book can be found on the website of the "Spiritual Renewal" Association (RU) «Духовное Bозрождение, книга Михаила Черенкова»

Another book called "holding to the truth. Apology arminianstva "wrote Gennady Gololobov. Here is what was written about this book izvestrny minister, doctor of theology Sannikov SV: "Collection of articles Gennady Gololobov an extra touch to a holistic picture of biblical theology. Although the book is mainly a polemical nature and is written as a reaction to the excesses of Calvinist theology, the issues raised in articles and offered a biblical perspective of the answers, gives much material for serious reflection. In fact, this collection is a set of apologia arminianstva written by national authors, who are deeply concerned about the fate of the Slavic evangelical theology. "


For more information about the book and the author, you can find on the website of the Association "Spiritual Renewal" link (RU)

«Духовное возрождение, книга Геннадиa Гололоба»