Rehabilitation center "New Life"

"New Life
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Christian Rehabilitation Center for Alcohol and drug dependent people
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Welcome, dear friends! Thank you for visiting our website. We hope that as a result of what you read about this center, you will have the desire to support us in prayer.

The ministery for alcohol and drug dependent people at rehabilitation center "New Life" was launched in May 2004. Today there are three rehabilitation centers - two centers for men and one for women. Pastor Alexander Odemchuk heads this ministry. Of course it would be imposible to lead this ministry without a great team.The team consists of 7 permanent staff and also some volunteers. Volunteers in service today are those who in the past went through rehabilitation at New Life and having rehabilitated decided to help in its cause. For us this is an indication that the New Life ministry is an effective tool not just for rehabilitating addicted people but also in chaning their mind and attitude. We believe that the most important part of our ministry is providing the opertunity for God to change people in a profound way and He does! 
Work on site is continuing, and new resources are added regularly. Therefore, we invite you to regularly check the site and we hope that the materials posted here will be useful for your ministry and spiritual growth.

More information and current activity reports

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